Featuring essays from three members of The Brothers Steve (among many other power pop lovers): Jeff Whalen, "Power Pop as Beatles Obsession"; Dylan Champion, "You Can Only Be Free" (Guided By Voices); Steve Coulter (aka "S.W. Lauden"), "Power Pop for Slackers" (Fountains of Wayne). GET GO ALL THE WAY.

Power pop-themed crime fiction from Steve Coulter ("S.W. Lauden"). Jackson Sharp is a former guitar player fresh out of the pen. He’s on a mission to settle the score with his dead beat dad, but needs to collect some cash from his younger brother and former bandmate, Jamie. Jamie offers up a heist instead—steal a rare copy of a pre-Beatles 45 from a wealthy collector. GET THAT'LL BE THE DAY.

A revealing look into what it really takes to get into the industry from Dylan Champion (aka "Dylan Callaghan"). What do an erstwhile stripper, an ex–gambling addict, and a stoned Canadian teenager have in common? They wrote your favorite movies, and they're not who you'd expect.  Diablo Cody (Juno), Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler), and Seth Rogan (Superbad) are among the scribes interviewed. GET SCRIPT TEASE.

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